SOPHIA THIEL : Back to the old form? These are your new fitness goals

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SOPHIA THIEL : Back to the old form? These are your new fitness goals


 SOPHIA THIEL : Back to the old form? These are your new fitness goals


Eating disorders, insecurity and self-love are topics that are in the foreground for Sophia Thiel. Now the 26-year-old, who became a successful fitness blogger, wants to set new sporting goals again.

"To go back to the old form or not to go back to the old form - that is the question"

While Sophia Thiel , 26, fascinated her followers not too long ago with her steel-hard abdominal muscles, today she does it with her honesty. Because in the last few weeks and months, the influencer has reinvented herself and has withdrawn from the public for a long time.

n her latest YouTube video, the 26-year-old now talks about whether she can be Sophia from back then – and whether she even wants that.

Sophia Thiel: The way to her new form

Since her break in 2019, she has asked herself this question again and again, according to the influencer. "If I want that, why do I want that? Do I want it because I want to gain respect and recognition through it? Or because I don't accept myself the way I am now?" Sophia explains in her video. For a long time she answered both of these questions with a yes - an unhealthy state, as she now knows.

She is currently in a conflict: "I love this sport and I just want to do it at full throttle, but of course on a new, different path." She has set herself new fitness goals for 2022 and wants to get going again. But what will that look like?

The healthy middle

She used to be very extreme and couldn't find a healthy middle ground, according to the fitness star. In the future, she promises to provide information on her YouTube channel about what her new path will look like. But she not only wanted to show the ups, but also the downs.

It shouldn't be a day X and also not a look that I'm somehow striving for. That's way too much pressure.

Honest insights into the current situation

In the video, she also takes viewers to a body scan, shows her body and talks about what she wants to change. And that goes down pretty well with their community. "I love you for your openness and transparency, you are honest with yourself first of all and you can see that in the video, I'm happy [sic]," comments a user. Another writes: "You are such an incredibly great power woman! I'm sooo excited about this trip, although it must be said, you are beautiful just the way you are. [sic]"