Russian soldiers accused of firing on civilian vehicles in Ukraine

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Russian soldiers accused of firing on civilian vehicles in Ukraine



Russian troops on armoured vehicles. In one incident, a video claims to show an armoured car firing from a heavy calibre weapon at a civilian vehicle in Makariv. Photograph: EPA

Russian soldiers accused of firing on civilian vehicles in Ukraine

Civilian deaths reported in incidents including on minibus carrying teachers to an orphanage in Mykolaiv

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Russian soldiers have been accused of multiple instances of deadly fire on civilian vehicles across Ukraine.

In a series of incidents in recent days, civilian deaths have been reported from the town of Makariv outside Kyiv – also the location of the deadly bombing of a bakery on Monday in which 13 people died – and on a minibus carrying teachers to an orphanage in the southern city of Mykolaiv.

Video circulating on Ukrainian Telegram channels on Tuesday claimed to show footage of civilians being killed in Makariv.

In the video a car, travelling by what appears to be a security camera mounted on a wall, is seen first driving into shot and then immediately stopping when the occupants, said to be an elderly couple, see a Russian BMP armoured vehicle approaching the crossroads ahead of them at speed.

With the civilian car at a halt the Russian armoured car takes a slight turn at the junction and, still moving, fires two rounds from a heavy calibre weapon at the vehicle, destroying it. The armoured car pauses for a moment then turns to disappear across the junction followed by other armoured vehicles that come into view.

In the second incident reported on Tuesday, the head of Mykolaiv’s regional council, Anna Zamazeeva – a city currently under Russian attack – claimed three teachers who had been travelling by minibus to an orphanage for a shift change had been killed and two others wounded when their vehicle, marked with a red cross, came under fire.

The latest two incidents come on top of the widely reported case of Anastasiia Yalanskaya, 26, who was shot and killed in her car by Russian forces after delivering food to a dog shelter outside Kyiv.

Yalanskaya, who had posted details of her plans to deliver food to the shelter, was one of three volunteers who travelled to Bucha, 18 miles (29km) outside of Kyiv.

A few days before, Yalanskaya had detailed another trip to deliver aid to a nursery near Kyiv. “Blown up bridges and roads are terrible, houses destroyed by rockets, it’s monstrous,” she wrote. “If there is a sign [that says] ‘do not slow down’, you must obey.”