Russia-Ukraine live news: Ukrainian base near Poland attacked

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Russia-Ukraine live news: Ukrainian base near Poland attacked



Russia-Ukraine live news: Ukrainian base near Poland attacked

Moscow strikes military base in western Ukraine, killing at least nine, Ukrainian officials say.

  • Military authorities in Lviv say Russian military launched a deadly air strike targeting a Ukrainian military base in Yavoriv near the Polish border.
  • People in Kyiv are scrambling to escape with the bulk of Russian ground forces about 25km (16 miles) from the centre of the Ukrainian capital.
  • Mayor of Mariupol says 12 days of Russian bombardment have killed 1,500 people in the besieged port city as shelling continues.
  • The United States has said it would rush up to $200m in additional small arms, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.
  • Russia has said its troops could target supplies of Western weapons in Ukraine.


27 mins ago (09:48 GMT)

More than 25 ambulances seen around attacked Ukraine base: Reuters

Nineteen ambulances with sirens blaring have been seen driving from the direction of Ukraine’s Yavoriv military base near the Polish border, a Reuters witness say, after local officials said the facility was hit by a Russian air strike.

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41 mins ago (09:33 GMT)

Shameful’: UK’s response to Ukraine refugee crisis criticised

Displaced Ukrainians have reported endless red tape and delays while applying for visas in the United Kingdom.

They say the British government sometimes require them to wait weeks or travel hundreds of kilometres to centres in Ukraine or neighbouring countries to submit biometric data

2 hours ago (08:40 GMT)

Lviv governor says nine killed in Russian attack on base

The governor of Ukraine’s Lviv region has said that nine people were killed and 57 others were wounded in airstrike on a military facility in the country’s west.

Foreign military instructors worked at the Yavoriv military facility near the Polish border that was hit by the attack, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said, but it was not clear if any were present at the time.

2 hours ago (08:05 GMT)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day 18

As Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine enters its 18th day, we take a look at the main developments that took place in the last 24 hours.

A woman stands outside a local hospital, which was destroyed during Ukraine-Russia conflict